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Learn Here How Can Setup/Install Norton Antivirus

 Install/setup Norton Antivirus

  1. From a preferred browser , visit ‘
  2. Click ‘sign in’ to access your Norton account
  3. Enter the Norton setup product key of 25 digits
  4. Select ‘country’, ‘language’ and hit ‘Install’
  5. Click ‘Run’ to finally activate your Norton product
Now, that you simply have known the essential procedure to line up your Norton product for the primary time. we'll walk you thru the entire and in-depth procedures regarding all the required belongings you need to accomplish so as to deploy it on your device. Be it a Windows or Mac device, the deployment process is sort of similar. For those that wish to safeguard their Android or iOS devices can deploy Norton Mobile Security by following an easy procedure.

Necessary conditions to put in Norton setup

There are a couple of essential things that you simply got to confine mind also as keep ready with you before beginning the deployment process. just in case you are doing not accomplish this stuff , then you would possibly encounter hurdles during the installation process. So, to stay it simple and uninterrupted, confirm you've got this stuff handy:
  1. Make sure you've got an account linked with Norton. just in case you are doing not have it, then you'll create one by visiting
  2. Keep the activation code/product key near you.
  3. Your device should be running on the foremost recent version of the OS and it should have an updated browser .
  4. Remove files from the trash folder. Also, uninstall the opposite antivirus products from your device, if there's any.

What is the Norton product key and the way to redeem it?

Norton product key's a 25-digits activation code which is provided to you at the time you buy the merchandise , either via the offline mode or online mode. within the case of offline mode, you'll get a retail card and just in case of online mode, you'll catch on within the inbox of your registered email address.

Online method to redeem the merchandise key

In case you've got purchased your product key from Norton Online Store, then you'll follow these steps:
  • Login to the account you've got registered with Norton while making the acquisition . 
  • Look for the confirmation message received from Norton. 
  • Open this email to urge all the knowledge about your product. 
  • Here, you'll see the detailed info about your product including the merchandise key. 
  • The code is present within the ‘Product Information’ section. 
  • Copy the activation code from here or note it down somewhere. 
  • Now, attend and login to your account. 
  • Click on the ‘Enter product key’ option. 
  • After entering the code, click ‘Next’ and download your product.

Offline method to redeem the merchandise key

If a user has purchased the boxed product of Norton from an area mercantile establishment , then he can follow these steps:
  • First of all, line up of your Norton product. 
  • After this, open the merchandise packaging carefully. 
  • Now, remove the retail card from the box. 
  • If the retail card isn't there, search for the key imprinted within the inner side of the box. 
  • If the retail card is there, remove the silver coating gently. 
  • Visit the link given on the retail card i.e. 
  • After this, enter the payment method of buying the merchandise . 
  • Enter the code given on the cardboard , when prompted. 
  • Complete some necessary steps as displayed on your screen.

Instructions to download your Norton product

Complete these easy-to-follow steps to download your Norton setup for the primary time:
  • First of all, you would like to go to 
  • Now, you'll see the login window where you've got to click ‘Sign In’. 
  • Type the e-mail address that you simply linked with Norton. 
  • Next, enter the password for this specific account and click on ‘Sign In’. 
  • As soon as you are doing so, you'll see ‘My Norton’ window. 
  • Here, you would like to click on the ‘Download’ option. 
  • On reviewing the license agreement, click ‘Agree & Download’. 
  • Your Norton setup will start to download on your device. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, move to the installation process.

A walkthrough to Norton setup installation process

Follow these easy steps for uninterrupted installation of Norton antivirus on your device:
  • Locate and open the downloaded Norton file.
  •  subsequent step depends on the online browser you're using:
  •  those that are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser can click on the ‘Run’ option.
  •  those using Firefox or Safari, should attend the top-right corner and click on on the Download option. Now, click on the file that you simply wish to put in .
  •  Chrome users can navigate to rock bottom left corner and click on on the file they want to put in 
  •  Choose ‘Continue’ when the User Account Control window displays on your device’s screen.
  •  the ultimate step is to activate your Norton product that the steps are given within the next section.

Guidelines to finally Activate your Norton product

After downloading and installing your Norton product, it's time to activate it for the last word usage. Activation plays a crucial part and without completing it you'll never start with using your product. Here are some easy and quick steps by following which you'll activate your Norton subscription:
  1. Navigate to the official website of Norton. 
  2. Now, tap on the ‘My Account’ tab after signing in. 
  3. Further, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ option. 
  4. Next, you've got to enter the activation key. 
  5. Finally, tap on ‘Activate Now’ to urge it done.

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