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Norton setup has been providing the simplest security to varied devices and security software keeps the system secure from multiple online and offline threats. it's ideal for those that work extensively on the web . The antivirus software are often downloaded from and may be installed on computers running Windows and Mac OS.

Download Norton Antivirus

You just got to follow the steps to download Norton antivirus on your new computer.
  1. Open the default internet browser.
  2. Type in within the address bar.
  3. If you're a replacement user, then you've got to make a replacement account.
  4. Click on the check in button
  5. Select the payment method and proceed to pay
  6. Read the contract carefully.
  7. Download the specified Norton antivirus products.
  8. Wait for the download process to finish .

Install Norton Internet Security

You can follow the steps mentioned below to put in Norton antivirus software on your devices:-
  1. Locate the downloaded file.
  2. Double click on the Norton setup internet security file.
  3. Launch the recently installed Norton product
  4. Choose the Run as Administrator button.
  5. Now the Installer will seek your permission.
  6. You must select Yes to grant permission.
  7. Great your installation process is completed.
  8. Click on Restart now once you get prompted.

Norton product Key to Activation

It’s easy to activate Norton on a laptop or a computer. Follow the below steps and confirm you've got a working internet connection
  1. Click on the Norton icon that's visible on the screen.
  2. Type the e-mail ID registered with the Norton account.
  3. Tap on the Submit option.
  4. Type the 25 digit norton activation product key.
  5. Press on the Verify option.
  6. Now, the Norton setup is completed its activation procedure.


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